Co-owner and Executive Producer

The reality is Rich never had an interest in making movies or TV shows. He aspired to play professional sport and dreamed of the day when thousands of fans would cheer as he ran out onto the field. Funny how dreams morph and change into reality, and after the “dream” paid for college, the next chapter was written when Rich was introduced to a Bolex camera and a Steenbeck table.

The rest is history really.

For the next 2 decades Rich found himself traveling the world and shooting films. The new dream became; witness and capture amazing people and places. And, put a pin in almost every country on the planet.


So, after surviving the transition from film to digital media and the relentless fickle needs of television audiences the decision was made to create Lucky Dog Films. Another dream turned into reality and so the story goes; believe in your dreams no matter how impossible they seem, and drink plenty of water.


Co-owner and Executive Producer

Kip Prestholdt always wanted to have his own company.

At fourteen he started a babysitting business and saved enough money to buy a waterbed. Don’t judge!

After college he hit the open road to find himself. It was good an excuse not to find a real job.

Then he had an idea.

He purchased his first video camera, a JVC VHS-C video camera (remember those?) and documented his adventures. He backpacked Europe twice and made his first documentary, Two American Idiots Go to Europe (1996). Again, please don’t judge.

Fourteen years later, writing/producing over 30 hours of nationally broadcast TV shows and a fortuitous collaboration with Rich Confalone, Lucky Dog Films was born.

Today, Kip continues his journey, but now discovering other people’s talents and passions for life.

Kip found his. It’s his real job.


Production Manager

Sarah joins Lucky Dog having directly overseen the production of nearly 100 hours of television. She works hand-in-hand with Producers to bring their vision to the screen while keeping projects on time and on budget.

As a kid, Sarah was always the one in charge of taking care of her younger brother and sister and always imagined she would become an elementary school teacher. While real-life took a different path into television production, she still somehow feels like she has a career working with kids. They are a just a little bigger than average.